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Just a small town girl born in the Philippines: Mecca Erica has grown up embracing a combination of cultures - blended of a strong Filipino background mixed with a societal London influence.

Unknowingly saturating herself in music from an early age, it was the late night karaoke sessions during family get-togethers and her lola's (grandmother) innate singing around the house, that truly ignited her passion for Soulful/ RnB music.

Mecca Erica has always had an inherent sense of direction and personal drive; from songwriting to teaching herself how to play the ukulele and guitar at the age of 10, her adoration for music grew stronger.

Later in her teenage years, she developed her knowledge of music production and has continued to develop her craft alongside with producer StevieBBeatz and other craftsmen.

Debuting her first single, Platonic (prod. by StevieBBeatz), in November 2019, then following her project release, Transitions (prod. by StevieBBeatz), in February 2020; Mecca Erica continues to work on her ardour, immersing herself deeper into the art and expressing her true nature through her music.

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